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V8 hypervisor long run test results

Sep 232022

Dear Visitor,

Hereby I'm happy to share the results of long run test.

Total achieved uptime: 134 days.

Configuration layout: FreeRTOS, Linux Passthrough, Linux.


1. FreeRTOS: Watchdog keep alive Linux monitor and loop with 10 seconds print delay

2. Linux Passthrough: CPU stress benchmark + simple network ping to Linux

3. Linux: top

Please see the last screenshoot of the long run test below.



134 days considered as a sufficient time for the long run test to prove the system stability, and it has been decided to stop the test.

We are planning to upgrade a long run test system to the latest internal release of V8 with fully integrated V8IPCF support and start new long run test.


Feel free to contact us over email for details and collaboration requests.


Best regards,



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